What does it mean to design for a queer brand?

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From time to time, you will hear from the people behind the scenes who bring our designs to life in the products we offer. To us, it is more than just clothes or mugs, we're all about representation and enabling people to express themselves fully. Today's post is from one of our designers, specifically Nini, who designed our latest collection. She writes about what it means to her to design for a queer brand.

"As a queer person living in Nigeria, it is hard to express oneself and be truly who you are. Growing up, I thought who I was wasn’t right, I always felt alone, it seemed like something was wrong with me. It made me feel like an outcast and it was worrisome. It felt like being my authentic self was an abomination.

When you live in a society where there are certain expectations and you are supposed to follow the “norm” and be this person you are not; you are most likely going to become a totally different person from you. I believe no matter what, it is important for you to be YOU. You have to be yourself regardless of what society thinks or what people say or how you are viewed. You need to live your own life.

My latest designs for EH Online Store were inspired by the need for queer people to speak and own their truth. If a bisexual person owns a mug or shirt that says: “Strictly BI Invitation” or “It Is Not Phase” with the bisexual colors, a queer person or anyone at all can tell that this person is proud of who they are, and they are not open to everyone just because they are bisexual. 

In a community where some people believe bisexuality is a phase, not a real thing, or that bisexual people cheat, are confused and greedy, I want my designs to inspire people to be proud of their truth and say: “Yes! I’m not greedy, I’m not a cheat, I’m not confused, I am Bi-certain! I am sure about my sexuality and who I am.

While it is okay to question your sexuality and be unsure, it is also paramount to note that being queer is not a lifestyle, it is not a choice, rather, it is who a person is. Some people even see bisexuality as a progression, where you are expected to metamorphose into a lesbian or gay man after your bisexual phase. These are some of the things I talk about on my podcast “Queer Talks with Nini”, where I debunk these misconceptions about bisexuality, and I hope you tune in! Click here to listen to my podcast and follow me on social via my handles below.

For now, I look forward to seeing you wear or own this merch, as it’ll be my delight to see my designs being rocked by every single one of you - bisexual or not. To keep up to date with the latest designs and discount offers from EH, be sure to subscribe here.          


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