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  • 5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Dream Come True

    Hello, everyone. I trust you are staying well. As always, we're sending positive energy your way. As Pride month comes to an end, I hope we keep th...
  • Are You Contributing To Rape Culture In the LGBTQ Community?

    Hello, everyone.  Before I begin, I want to acknowledge that this post may be triggering for many people; I completely get it. Please do whatever y...
  • 6 Things LGBT Nigerians Can Do To Proclaim Our Right To Exist

    Hello, everyone! I know the recent global mood hasn't been one of celebration and some of us have been really struggling. We are here to sprinkle s...
  • What does it mean to design for a queer brand?

    Hi everyone! From time to time, you will hear from the people behind the scenes who bring our designs to life in the products we offer. To us, it i...
  • 5 Ways To Resist As An LGBT Person In Nigeria

    Hello, everyone. In the past few days, the media has been awash with stories of sexual violence across Nigeria, specifically sexual violence agains...
  • Want a FREE GIFT CARD?

    Hi, everyone!  I hope you're staying safe and washing your hands. I just wanted to drop a quick note to announce the first of our Instagram contest...
  • How To Be An LGBTQ Ally!

    Like we say, "ally no be for mouth"! One key thing to add is that being an ally is a verb; so it's not enough to just to say that you are ally and leave it at that. Being an ally means actually standing up and speaking out when people say or do things deliberately to hurt the community.

  • Be A Rainbow Project

    Throughout the Pride month of June this year, we will donate 10% of all our net proceeds for the month to the BE A RAINBOW project at One Action Foundation. So every time you buy from us, know that you are putting food on someone's table, or helping a community member get medicine that could save their lives. 

  • Is There a Pride Month in Naija?

    Some weeks ago, I heard someone ask whether Nigeria has a Pride month; a month set aside to celebrate Pride in Nigeria. My immediate reaction was "of course we do!". But do we? Really?

  • Welcome to The Equality Hub Online Store!

    Think about the last time #Pride month rolled around. If you are like us, of all the merchandise you saw for sale, probably none of them had a Naija touch. Sure, they had the rainbow colors to show how beautiful our diversity is. No doubt. But what about that Naija element that expresses that we are Queer, Nigerian, and proud?