About Us

EH Store is the official merchandise store of The Equality Hub Nigeria

We are a network of change makers dedicated to using digital content to advocate for social change and social inclusion of LGBTQ people in Nigeria. By “digital content” we mean films, podcasts, series, digital books, merchandise, and more, that have a focus on telling the stories of Nigerian LGBTQ people. 

When you buy from us, you are supporting a movement of change-makers dedicated to the fight for equal rights in Nigeria. Whether you are a community member or not, we are here to inspire you! We will provide useful information that can help fans, followers, allies, and community members become advocates for social inclusion of LGBTQ people.


The Equality Hub was founded in the spring of 2017 as an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of lesbian, bisexual, and queer women in Nigeria through visual storytelling. Join us today as we create a movement to educate, entertain, connect, inspire, and advocate for social inclusion of LGBTQ people in Nigeria.