5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Dream Come True

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I trust you are staying well. As always, we're sending positive energy your way. As Pride month comes to an end, I hope we keep the fire burning in our hearts and lives. 

In my interactions with many people, especially young people, I get questions about how they can get started with achieving their dreams. Some people ask me, “what can I do? I feel so helpless but I have so much to give and I want to do a lot.” Others say “I don’t have the type of money to achieve my big dreams, what can I do?”

I’m not an expert in life or reaching goals, but I have had some experiences that have taught me a few valuable lessons. I have put together five practical things you can do to kickstart your dreams and turn them into reality.


1. Don't wait till you have the money you think you need to do what you want to do. Instead, do what the money you have can do. If you wait, you might never start. Start small and make adjustments as you go along. Life is like building blocks; one step at a time. 

2. Nobody wants to give money to anyone who has no record of doing. You cannot ask for "big" money when you have not done anything with your “small” money. Yes, we all want investors, but a big part of getting investor money is using your own money first. If you don't believe in your dream enough to invest your own money in it, how can you expect others to?


3. Do what your money can do and do it well; to the best of your ability. Then use what you have to approach people for more help or more money to do even bigger things. People are attracted to doers and the best way to show that you’re a doer is by actually doing!

4. Utilize your networks. I cannot stress how important it is for you to grow your network. Nurture relationships. When you have a vision or a plan, engage these people and ask for their in-kind contribution - their time, skill, knowledge, connections, etc. Resist asking for money at first. Let people offer financial assistance when they are ready.


5. Never give up! I know we hear this a lot and it’s beginning to sound clichè but it is true. Never give up. There will be naysayers who will not hesitate to tell you why your dream or vision will not work. Trust your instincts. Follow your heart and keep plowing. Many people or organizations will turn you down but don’t get discouraged. It’s part of the journey and process. With sustained passion and drive, you will make it. 

To recap what you can do to start achieving your dream; do what you can with what you have, donors are more motivated to give to people who already have something to show, put in your best effort even as you do not have a lot, utilize your networks, and never give up!

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Pamela and the team at EH Online Store

About the author: Pamela serves as Executive Director at The Equality Hub. She is a 2018 Obama Foundation Leader, a filmmaker, writer, and a proud LGBTQ-rights advocate. Pamela is part of the content team at EH Online Store where she shares her views on creating a more vibrant and engaged LGBTQ community in Nigeria. Follow her on Twitter: @biwomdz 

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